Our success and reputation are based on the timely delivery of high-quality precision part production and mechanical assemblies. In order to guarantee continual growth, our corporate philosophy is to strategically strive to be at the forefront of our field. EPM systematically reviews ongoing production methods and makes pivotal changes to continuously thrive in today's market.

Excel Precision Machining Inc. is a premium precision machining company located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, serving private and government-based clients through out North America. The company offers a wide range of Multi Axes precision machining such as CNC Milling, Turning, Wire EDM & CMM Inspection. Our experienced team is dedicated to Quality, Efficiency, and Timely Deliveries. We are up to the challenge and ready to handle your prototype or production requirements of complex turn-key parts and or mechanical assemblies.

EPM commitment to quality and reliability has earned it a reputation as a leader in the precision machining industry. The sectors we are currently supplying are Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Food, Audio & Transportation. Our focus on efficiencies ensures a cost-effective solution on time and on budget. If the services we offer fits your needs please give us an opportunity to partner with you. We are available to meet in person or by any other means of communication you prefer to discuss how we can help with your machining needs.

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Excel Precision Machining Inc. commitment to delivering exceptional results extends beyond its precision machining services, as it also offers prototyping and production services that meet clients' unique needs. With its focus on quality, we have earned a reputation as a leader in the precision machining industry, serving clients in a broad range of markets throughout North America and beyond. EPM dedication to quality and reliability makes it an ideal partner with superior capabilities.

To ensure the privacy, respect and security of our clients, we do not showcase our work online.

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Precision machining is a crucial component of the Aerospace industry, where even the smallest errors can have catastrophic consequences. Components used in aircraft and spacecraft need to be manufactured to precise specifications to ensure reliability, safety, and performance. Aerospace precision machining involves the use of cutting-edge technology and advanced materials to create parts with extremely tight tolerances. This process requires skilled professionals and state-of-the-art equipment capable of producing parts with ultra-high accuracy and consistency. With its focus on quality and precision, Excel is a trusted partner for private and government-based international clients in the Aerospace industry, offering a range of precision machining services tailored to meet their unique needs.


Avionics is a highly specialized field in the aerospace industry that deals with the development, production, and maintenance of electronic systems used in aircraft. Precision machining is an essential component of avionics systems as it requires high accuracy and reliability to meet stringent safety standards. Excel, a premier precision machining company based in Ottawa, Canada, is a trusted partner for private and government-based international clients seeking high-quality avionics precision machining solutions. The company offers a range of precision machining services, including CNC milling and turning. Our skilled team of technicians and machinists are experienced in handling complex avionics projects with precision and accuracy.

Military Defence

The military defense sector has seen an increase in demand for precision machined components, driven by the growing need for advanced weaponry, vehicles, and equipment. As governments around the world invest more in their defense capabilities, the precision machining industry is getting very busy. However, with the increase in military projects comes the need for strict cybersecurity measures to protect classified information. EPM has been working closely with the military for years, providing high-quality precision machined components and assemblies to meet their demanding requirements. We understand the high level of security protocols required when handling classified documents. The company has implemented strict cybersecurity measures to ensure that all sensitive information is protected throughout the entire process. EPM commitment to Cybersecurity, Quality & Delivery has earned a reputation as a trusted partner in the defense sector.


Precision machining plays a critical role in the medical industry as it requires high accuracy and consistency to meet the stringent regulatory requirements. From surgical instruments to implantable medical devices and systems, high-precision parts are essential for ensuring the success of medical procedures. Our Team has been able to deliver high-quality developmental prototype and production parts along with mechanical assembly into the medical sector for years. We understand the criticality of precision and the need for consistency in medical applications.


Our team of highly skilled machinists and technicians work closely with our clints in providing solutions for complex freeform geometry components through out this sector. Our use of advanced CNC machining techniques including high speed machining (HSM) allows us to manufacture parts with the highest level of efficiency, flexibility and precision. Our Multi- axis machines are capable of machining in a wide range of materials such as, Aluminums / Stainless Steels / Tool Steels / Plastics / Composite materials.

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